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Monday, February 09, 2009

Glen Jackson: Arts Enthusiast

Arts enthusiast Glen Jackson co-founded Jackson Spalding in Atlanta where he provides leadership for the firm and many of its clients, as well as in the community.

LeAnne: Why do you support the arts?

My abiding love for the arts began my sophomore year in college when I spent a semester studying 18th century literature and architecture in London. It was in London, a formidable city culturally, that I first discovered the beauty of a J.M.W. Turner landscape painting, witnessed the wit of a Tom Stoppard play, heard the melodious sounds of the London Symphony and absorbed the architectural brilliance of a Sir Christopher Wren church. These experiences took my breath away and sparked something inside me to learn more about artistic expression --challenging me to see further how God expresses Himself to us in the artistic process.

The cool thing about the arts is God truly speaks to us in sonnet and song and in performance and paintings. What a gift! He changes lives this way and helps people discover their often latent gifts this way. Through it all, He allows us to take in the holy hues of His light and absorb it, learn from it and illuminate it for the rest of the world to see.

When I returned home to Atlanta from London, I decided to stay connected with the arts and support excellence in the medium when I could. This commitment has broadened my mind and emboldened my spirit. Some of the most treasured memories of my life have been related to the arts -- along the way experiencing a soulful closeness to God who created it all.

More from Glen Jackson on Thursday.

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