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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Caroline Duffy, Part 2: Arts Enthusiast

Arts enthusiast Caroline Duffy is Director of Marketing at Jackson Spalding in Atlanta
where she tries to inject art into her work on a daily basis.

LeAnne: What is your favorite type of art to support and why?

Money is an unfortunate barrier these days, so I spend as much time as I can at local arts festivals where I can stroll through, jot down ideas, meet with artists and begin percolating my own ideas. Even if I buy nothing, I leave happier. Even if I'm alone, I am drawn to it. Artists tend to support one another and I have felt welcomed in that community even though I haven't yet begun to display anything.

Theatre is my first love in the arts and I never tire of studying the actors and the nuances they bring to their roles.

One of my favorite sounds is the orchestra tuning up before a musical performance. In that moment I feel a rush of excitement, a wave of appreciation for their professionalism, and a certain jealousy for the energy that is about to be unleashed on stage.

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