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Sunday, March 29, 2009

"You Are Not Your Gift": A Review

I recently featured singer, songwriter, author, and teacher, Michael Card. Last week, I came across this review by Aaron Lee at CreateLeVoyage.com of Card's talk at The El-Shaddai Worship Conference in Singapore last month. I found the points about artists, identity, and self-doubt to be interesting. See what you think.

Here's a taste:

The artist necessarily puts so much of himself into his creative work that his sense of self cannot be separated from his identity as an artist. The line between the artist and what he does is a fine one at best, and for so many of us, it often feels like there is no line. For Christians in the creative field, artistic struggles can be even more titanic because, in this field of human endeavor, our counter-culture philosophy and efforts are even more marginalised.

Read the rest of the article here.


Pam said...

thank you for sharing this article by michael card ~ this is something i have wrestled with recently, learning to put some healthy space between myself and my gift. i've also been enjoying card's book 'scribbling in the sand'.


LeAnne Benfield Martin said...


I enjoyed Card's book, too. It's one of the first books on creativity written by a Christian that I read. I was searching for understanding and his book helped me see that I was not alone, that others felt like I do. Since then, I've discovered many of the Christians classics on art and beauty, and I'm thankful to Card for pointing me toward them.



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