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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Must-Read Books about Art

Byron Borger of Hearts and Minds Books writes excellent book reviews. You've got to check out this collection of his reviews of books about art and see if there are any you have missed along the way. I found a few that are new to me and am going to place an order with Hearts and Minds. Here's a little about them from the website:

Welcome to a bookstore which attempts to create a new space for serious, reflective readers. Unabashedly Christian, we are often told that we are different than most religious bookstores. Our name, we trust, gives a good first clue to what we are about.

What distinguishes us most is our enthusiasm for the development of a uniquely Christian worldview where Christ’s Lordship is honored and lived out in relevant ways in the midst of our highly secularized, post-modern culture. We offer quality books for the sake of faithful Christian living. We serve business folk, scientists, artists, college students, moms, dads (and kids!), pastors, poets and politicos. We believe Biblical faith leads to "thinking Christianly" about every area of life.

Sounds perfect to me!


Anonymous said...

Was just talking about Hearts and Minds this morning. They served as the bookstore at the IAM Encounter conference last month. Good selection of some hard to find titles.

LeAnne Benfield Martin said...

Yes, I've been pleased with their selection. Did you pick up any titles you hadn't yet read?


Anonymous said...

This looks great. Thanks so much for the link!


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