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Monday, March 23, 2009

"What's New": G. Carol Bomer

Early on, when I started this blog, I featured visual artist G. Carol Bomer. Carol's work seeks to evoke both image and impression, the tangible world and the spiritual world. Her work has been called "a silent form of poetry." She views her work as "a form of play rejoicing before the face of God" (Rookmaaker). This is reflected in the name of her Asheville studio, SOLI DEO GLORIA STUDIO.

I decided to check in with her recently to see what she's up to now.

LeAnne: What's your latest project?

Much of my new work is more abstract and minimal. I am still using hints of mixed media and text.

My latest project is several books related to my artwork. Actually it started because my friend and published poet Suzanne Rhodes has inspired many of my paintings--such as her poems titled "Advent", "Sunday Service", and "Banding" (see the paintings on my website). Most recently, Suzanne's poems, "The Gardener" and "Faith" and "Noah Plants a Vineyard", inspired paintings you can see in my New Work gallery.

We are working on a book together right now. Plus my first art book, which includes two of her poems that have influenced my work, is The Paradox of Grace, available from Blurb.

In the past year I have been renting a warehouse studio in the River District of Asheville, where I have a lot more exposure to the public. There are two well advertised Studio Strolls in the spring and fall. I am a lot more involved in my city having this space. I also teach mixed media painting at this studio. The River District artists are having a group show this spring. This fall I have a show in Philadelphia at Whitestone Gallery as well as several local shows, one at Haywood Community College Gallery in Aug-Sept.

What I continue to learn is that God is good and that He provides. He always gives me opportunities for His great name and for His glory. Jehovah Jireh!


Constance said...

Grace Carol is one of this areas most popular artists with artists and art patrons alike!
We are blessed to also carry Carol work.
Constance (owner/muse)
The Conn-Artist Studios & Art Gallery

It's just a painting said...

Carol is a wonderful inspiration to us all in NC. She had a lot to do with me becoming an artist. I thank God for those he put in my path


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