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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rosemary Rutland: Arts Enthusiast

Occasionally, I interview arts enthusiasts. Today I'm featuring Rosemary Rutland, a certified personal chef and certified pastry culinarian. As a personal chef, Rosemary teaches cooking and baking classes, creates dining memories for special occasions and makes multi-meal service for a broad range of clients. She also enjoys singing, playing her guitar and traveling. 

LeAnne: Do you think Christians should care about the arts? Why?

Rosemary: Art is beauty inspired and created by God and through God for us to enjoy. Beauty is all around us in many forms--we must choose to recognize it. One man's "beauty" is often ignored by another. Art and beauty are very personal choices. As Christians, I believe we should care about art and its expression. All things come from God and art is no exception.

LM: Why do you love the arts? Have you always loved them?

RR: My parents took me to plays as a child and I have always loved music. I enjoy art and the older I get the more I appreciate different mediums and ways of expression than I did before. For instance, I always loved watercolor but now I appreciate sculpture too. I think I appreciate the arts more each year and the importance of them in our world.

LM: Do the arts impact or enhance your daily life? How?

RR: Yes, the arts inspire me. I am in awe of the gifts that God gives to others in playing an instrument, writing songs, singing, acting, painting, photography, and creating what is in their heads and in the world around them. I spend lots of time listening to music when I am working, and my husband and I just became members of the local art museum.

Coming soon: an actor, a gallery owner, a director

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