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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"How My Faith Affects My Art": Dance, Part 2

Today I'm continuing a collection of responses from dancers I've interviewed about how their faith affects or influences their art.

Randall Flinn, founder and director of Dance Ad Deum: I believe my faith and a true understanding of a Biblical worldview of the arts opens my life to the limitless possibilities of the glorious freedom of the children of God. I have come to understand a relevant and redemptive revelation of a New Testament priestly-artist –one that seeks to bless the Lord and serves the culture around him as the Lord’s servant. No need to be religious here in this position and calling. The freedom comes in resting in the relationship and calling and understanding the cultural mandate and claiming the truth that God’s artists can take up their towels and basins and wash the feet of this world with art that resonates with glory and honor.

Katherine Gant, dancer and instructor: I once danced for my own glory and satisfaction but it left me feeling very empty. When I realized that my gift of dance comes from the Lord and can be used by Him, a whole new world opened up. The burden of perfectionism that comes with this art form vanished and a new freedom to simply dance came. I deeply desire to help all dancers find the freedom that comes from surrendering their gift of dance to be used by Him.

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