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Thursday, November 06, 2008

On Abstract Art

This morning I was checking out a new blog that looks interesting: Tolle Lege. I haven't explored it fully yet--I was actually drawn to it because the blogger quoted from Philip Graham Ryken's book, Art for God's Sake.  I read the book last year, I think, and found it helpful. 

Here's the passage I wanted to pass on to you today:

"Some Christians continue to think that certain forms of art are more godly than others. They make a sharp distinction between the sacred and secular, not recognizing that so-called secular art is an exploration of the world that God has made, and therefore has its place in deepening our understanding of God's person and work...

"What Christians tend to dismiss is abstract art, especially as it has come to expression in modern art. Yet abstraction has God's blessing as much as any other art form....

"Therefore, as Christians we are not limited to crosses and flannelgraphs, or to praise choruses and evangelistic skits. These simple forms may have their place in the life of the church, but God wants all the arts to flourish all the fullness of their artistic potential, so that we may discover the inherent possibilities of creation and thereby come to a deeper knowledge of our Creator" (pps. 34-35).

1 comment:

Karen Wingate said...

I agree with this! One of my most worshipful moments is when I play on the piano Debussy's "Clair de Lune." I don't know what imagery Debussy was thinking about when he composed it but the music brings to my mind serene images of a lake surrounded by pine trees with the reflections of a shimmering moom. The music transports me, I find peac and beauty and I worship the God of creation and of peace.


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