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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Doug Allen, Part 2: PlayRight

Today I’m concluding my interview with worship leader, singer/songwriter, musician, and actor Doug Allen.

LeAnne: You also sing and play outside of the church. Have you faced challenges because of your faith?

I’m in two bands that play primarily at corporate parties and wedding receptions. As far as facing challenges, I try to remember that we as Christians are called to be in the world, not of the world. Sometimes at a secular event, the best witness for Christ can be one who just simply shines their light. I love the quote by St. Francis of Assisi, “Preach the Gospel wherever you go and when necessary, use words.”

LM: In addition to your music, you also act in community theater productions. Recently, you along with three other partners formed a theater company called PlayRight Productions. What are your goals for this company? Has your faith influenced the type of shows you have chosen to do?

I do love to act. We started PlayRight as a group of Christian actors and musicians who wanted to produce wholesome, family oriented plays in the Atlanta area. We also wanted to start a theatrical company that encouraged Christians to use their gifts to glorify God in churches and in secular venues alike—to be a company where cast members are encouraged to pray and have devotions with one another before every show. We like to choose shows that share the Good News of Christ but we also include other subject matter as well. For 2008 we are performing Smoke on the Mountain, Cotton Patch Gospel and Sanders Family Christmas and possibly Narnia, all of which have a strong Christian message. You can find us at www.playrightproductions.com.

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