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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Frank Boggs, Part 2: On Composers and Music Appreciation

Today is the conclusion of my interview with Frank Boggs, internationally acclaimed bass soloist and the first recording artist for Word Records. In his varied career, he has directed choral programs, co-hosted a radio show, appeared on TV, and even sung for the queen. Currently he directs the Georgia Festival Chorus and is minister of music at a church in Atlanta. His website is www.frankboggs.com.

LeAnne: Who are some of your favorite composers?

Frank: Mozart, Bach, and Mendelsohn. Mozart never wrote a bad note. Everything is a masterpiece. Bach was probably the most Christian composer we know. Every week he had to compose a motet. He had no music paper, so with quill pen and ink, he wrote out all the lines plus the music. He did this with a house full of 20 children, and he still ended each piece with Soli Deo Gloria.

LM: For people who would like to know more about classical music but don't know where to start, what would you suggest? And what would you suggest for parents who want to teach their kids about music?

A good place to start is a course in music appreciation at your local college or school. Also, check your library or bookstore for a good book on music appreciation that gives an overall picture of the main eras and composers.

Since schools have practically cut out music and art, parents should seek out a church choir where kids can learn to sing and learn music skills and an appreciation for music. I’m a big believer in piano lessons. Parents have so much on their plates now but kids need some kind of participation in the arts, whether it’s piano or singing lessons, ballet for girls, etc. Parents need to do that for their children.

Next week I'll be featuring actor, creator of Cotton Patch Gospel, and Artistic Director of Theatrical Outfit, Tom Key. You won't want to miss his insights into theater and story.

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Frank Boggs' website URL is:

the link you have is to the server where his site resides on one of my e-mail address' spaces but it would be much simpler for folks to find him by using his registered URL.
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